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Self Sabotage: What it is and how it shows up

Updated: May 23, 2022

Have you ever really wanted to achieve something and you get really close, and something happens that means you just don't get there? Self Sabotage shows up when we're growing or out of our comfort zone. Entering a new place where the animal part of our brain feels unsafe. ‬

‪This feeling causes a stress response in us, to stop us from moving into that unsafe territory. ‬

‪These are the 4 stress responses: ‬‪Flight - Fright - Freeze or Fawn.‬

‪These are how each of those can show up:‬

‪• Fight - Arguing. Getting angry. Turning on people around you.‬

‪• Flight - Running away. Going back to your comfort zone.‬

‪• Freeze - Do nothing. Or procrastinate. ‬

‪• Fawn - Overcompensate or devalue ourselves.‬

‪And the point of this response is to pull us back to where we were. ‬

‪So when you're out of your comfort zone, and you see yourself responding in one of these ways, its time to move out of our animal instincts and into self determination and just realise this is part of growth.‬

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