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In my sessions, my focus will be on you, but if you're curious to know a little more about me, here’s my story.


I started my adult life as a uni drop out, a party girl, typically walking home barefoot carrying my ‘killer heels’, I needed a job to fund my social life, joining a big company on a 2 week contract, quickly realising my business degree would’ve been quite useful. Two weeks turned into a few years spent “catching up” by completing marketing qualifications, and then I moved to a whole new country (140 miles down the M4) looking for more opportunity. 


I learned quickly and gained experience in many areas of business, specialising in the internet & websites and moved company a few times until I started managing a team. At that time I thought leadership was a one dimensional, men in suits kind of thing, carrot or stick mentality and didn’t really feel like I could conform to that.


And then I found a company called Aspire, and a course called “inspirational leadership” - where I discovered styles of leadership - all very different - but all perfect in their own way. And a light bulb went off. I could be a leader, and it was ok to do it my way.


Not long after this, I became a mum, which massively changed my outlook on work, and then a few years later I had a little girl and the dynamics at home shifted again. 


I’ve always been a bit of a personal development junkie. One look at my bookshelves will confirm that. I’m always looking for that grain of knowledge that I can use myself or share with others to help them understand what’s going on. I also worked with a few coaches on 1:1 basis in this time, each time opening the doors of personal understanding a bit more - and I loved what it could do for me.


A few years ago I decided I wanted to look into more formal life coach training, I was still working in the corporate world, refining my leadership & coaching style - this time managing Digital Product Management teams and loving the challenge that each unique team member brought me, but I wanted to connect with more than just my team.


I discovered Animas Centre for Coaching and their Diploma in Transformational Coaching. Their program goes deep into understanding each individual’s paradigm (or view) of the world and the lenses they are seeing it through, with the intention of awareness and change. I loved every second of the qualification - even those first practise coaching sessions where my impostor syndrome alert was off the charts!


Now that my youngest is off to school, I’ve decided to focus on my coaching business. I am a full time coach and mentor, working with personal clients and small groups offering them the experience I’ve gained from my life, training courses, corporate career & qualifications to help facilitate the understanding of themselves and their worlds.


If you’re interested in working with me, book your free coaching consultation.


Helen x

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