Life Coaching Packages

Life coaching is a unique as you are. Depending on your needs I will tailor the coaching tools, techniques and lines of questioning to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. If you're not sure what you need, book in a consultation call so we can talk it through. 




Duration: 90 Minutes

If you want less commitment and upfront investment, a 90 minute session might be enough for your needs. Typically these could tackle a state of overwhelm, interview prep or just a quick injection of objective thinking on a problem you can’t unite unravel yourself.

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Duration: 6 x 1 Hour sessions

If you prefer structure to your coaching journey, and relish a bit of homework, this package uses industry recognised tools (Wheel of life, MBTi, Strengths Finder 2.0) to dive into who you are and what you’re good to create a solid foundation to make significant changes in your life or career.

Bonus: Strengths Finder online test (worth £20)




12 Monthly 1 Hour Sessions

Some clients want a regular drop in once a month where they have support tackling a problem, challenge or situation in their life or career, or just some thinking space, so they become what I call a Thinking Partner.

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