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I can help you move out of overwhelm, find tools and strategies to support your life, overcome impostor syndrome, and to work on your self belief.


My Coaching packages are listed below, or I can design a bespoke service around your needs and desired outcomes. I also offer payment plans to help with affordability, and can create a more bespoke package suited to your needs.


I also offer ADHD Coaching for anyone diagnosed with or suspected ADHD.

Thinking of Ideas



Details: 6 hour package

Understanding how and why you do the things you do is powerful. It's a key to open the door to making changes in your life. That's what transformational coaching is all about. The aim is to help you think, feel or see things differently, so you can change your life. During the 6 sessions it's my job to work out what's getting in your way, so I'll draw on techniques from Positive Psychology, NLP, CBT or other disciplines to help shift your understanding. Book a free discovery call to find out more about coaching and how it can help you change your life. 

ADHD coaching packages


From £555

Details: 6, 12 or 18 hour packages

Whether you are newly diagnosed with ADHD, or you just need some extra support at work or at home, ADHD Coaching could help. ADHD Coaching can help you get your personal life in order, or if you need work based ADHD Coaching to set you up for success in your job or business, I can support you with that too. ADHD Coaching can help you understand how ADHD affects your executive functioning day to day, the impact on your identity and self esteem, and help you come up with tools and techniques to feel more successful every day. 

Spa Time



Details: 1 Day Intensive, face-to-face in Surrey

This is a VIP coaching day if you want to change your life now, and are ready to dive right in. The structure of the day is 3 sessions of 90 / 60 / 60 minutes with breaks in between.  I'll design the content specifically to your needs based on our discovery call. For example most days start with a Life Audit, followed by transformational coaching work on your beliefs and model of the world. Then we close with a plan for "What's Next?". Leaving you feeling like you've been on a spa day for your soul!

Life Audit Wheel of Life Coaching



Details: 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching session + Workbook

The Life Audit is a one off session designed to help you get really clear on what is going on in your life right now in all the BIG areas. Its a bit like an MOT for your life. We pop up the bonnet and have a good look at what's going on underneath. Once that's complete we move on to which areas feel out of whack and some actions on how to bring them back into alignment. The 90 minute session is recorded so you can refer back to it whenever you need to. Before we meet, you'll receive the workbook in the post, for you to get cracking on the prework.

Lifting Barbell



Details: 25 Weekly Emails to Optimise & Automate Habits (Self Study)

These challenges will help you create the habits, routines and behaviours to set you up for success. Each Monday morning you'll receive an email with your challenge for the week. From choosing how you spend your time, to creating your very own 10 commandments, to practising a little more self love. When you show yourself you CAN do things differently, you change your beliefs and open up a world of opportunity. In 6 months time you’ll look back and be amazed how far you’ve come. 

Phoenix Rising
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