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This page is dedicated to my clients and their words on how our ADHD and confidence coaching sessions have impacted their lives and businesses.


ADHD Coaching Testimonial Headshot  Sally


I visited Helen last year when I needed some guidance and helpful techniques with managing my work/life balance and she worked her magic! She's amazing! Being able to discuss and brainstorm ideas and priorities with her has made such an impact on my day to day life, I no longer have that regular feeling of being overwhelmed. Almost a year on and I still use the advice on a daily basis. 

ADHD Coaching Testimonial Headshot Karishma


When I decided to start coaching I was all over the place. I was overwhelmed professionally and personally. A full time working mother of a toddler I was feeling pulled in all directions. Helen helped me on multiple levels.  Her techniques and ways of working gave me a framework to organise my thoughts, clarity on what I really wanted, my priorities and my goals and helped me achieve them. 

ADHD Coaching Testimonial Headshot Tiff

Helen as a coach has been enlightening. I have learnt more about myself than I ever thought possible. With every dead end, Helen gently provides the entrance to a path through, that she has encouraged me to widen and lengthen as I travel down it. Helping me navigate through challenging times, even if it’s just realising I have the knowledge within, I needed someone to help me find and use it.

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Helen has really helped me build up my confidence and I couldn't recommend her enough. I started coaching with Helen when I was going through a particularly challenging situation at work, which had left me really questioning myself and my confidence at an all-time low. With Helen, I worked through loads of stuff I'd been holding on to/carrying, what options I had open to me, what techniques I could use going forward etc., and just generally sorted out what I wanted, and importantly needed, in my head. I felt empowered and it gave me the confidence to go out and get a job that now positively impacts my life. Helen makes sure that everything is tailored to you, she is super friendly (it almost feels likes you're talking to a great friend), and she picks out the most wonderful books that really echo the stuff you're working through with her; she just gets it spot on! She's phenomenal so if you're looking for a boost please do reach out to Helen.




I chose to work with Helen primarily because she also has ADHD so can understand my experience and challenges precisely. But it’s more than that, I strongly believe that coaching, like many other disciplines, is about the connection between coach and coachee. From the first call with Helen, it was clear she ‘got me’ and we just clicked. I’ve never looked back since. I continue to work with Helen because she challenges me. Sometimes coaches just give you the answer but Helen always finds the right question or words to get me to figure the solutions myself.

ADHD Coaching Testimonial Headshot 3



Helen has been an invaluable support to me twice now. Once last year, when I started a new job and needed to ensure I performed at my best and again this year to gain some clarity. Sessions with Helen really help clear my mind and allow me to reach my goals. Her style puts me at ease straight away and she keeps our sessions on track and focussed. Without doubt I’d book Helen next time I need a coach and I’d recommend her to anyone.

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I started working with Helen when I was at a difficult point in my life and was struggling with direction and confidence. Helen's coaching allowed me the space to explore my thoughts in a non-judgemental and safe space. Helen is incredibly warm and friendly -  I felt as though I'd known her for a lot longer than I actually had. Helen would hold me accountable in our sessions but never make me feel poorly if I hadn't fulfilled a commitment I'd made to myself, rather exploring the reasons why I hadn't followed it through. I went to Helen for general career coaching but simultaneously I was on a diagnostic pathway for ADHD; Helen's personal experiences in that area were invaluable when I did receive a positive diagnosis and helped me put some practical things in place to help manage some of the less helpful parts of my condition. I couldn't recommend Helen more!

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Helen's coaching enabled me to reflect on my career, understand my personal wants and needs and asses where I wanted to be in the future. This coaching allowed me to identify the actions to take things forward, boost my confidence and be a better leader. Everyone could do with a coach at some point in their career and I would recommend people speak to Helen

ADHD Coaching Testimonial Headshot 6



I didn't realise how much I was going to get out from working with Helen. From only few sessions we had until now, there were incredible realisations that are now helping me evolve more, and get the confidence that I really need to move forward.  Helen is a good woman, great to speak with, and her peacefulness is contagious. Her skills as a coach are powerful as she really knows how to listen, evaluate and challenge. She has provided me with the space that I'm not being judged, but pure enthusiasm to move forward. It's incredible how much we hold ourselves back from all the self doubt and fear we get, but I'm determined to let go and live life properly. Thank you Helen for your support you have given me!

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I worked with Helen over 6 sessions. During this time she helped me identify several hidden ‘blocks’ as to why I was procrastinating on a piece of coursework for a course I was undertaking; one block being the belief that if ‘things in life are meant to be, they’ll come easily’ (not a very helpful thought!) Since recognising this in my sessions with Helen, I have been able to break this belief and within 3-months of finishing my sessions, completed and passed. Thanks Helen!




Helen was amazingly helpful in getting me back on track and re-organised after a tricky year when I was struggling to stay focused.  We worked together to identify blockers, issues, and areas for improvement. At every stage, Helen had a suite of tools and techniques to hand for tackling challenges in a systematic and consistent way. By shifting my focus onto end-goals and outcomes, and guiding me through triaging issues and possible solutions, she chunked up seemingly intractable tasks into  easily manageable and digestible parts.

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