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5 Reasons we Procrastinate & How to Get Over it

Updated: May 23, 2022


To be honest, I don't buy this one at all, but many people believe this is true. You may have low energy and feel like you need a break, so have a break. But that isn't why you procrastinate.

SOLUTION: Stop labelling yourself as lazy and find out the real reason you're not getting things done.

2.) FEAR

When we're afraid the response to a task will be negative, we won't complete it. This could be a fear of failure: getting it wrong; or a fear of success: getting it right and receiving unwanted praise - or anywhere between.

SOLUTION: If this is you, ask yourself what the fear is and why you feel that way. Do you need more clarity? Are you worried of putting yourself out there? Or is it something else?


Sometimes we put things off because we don't actually want to do them. Either we think we SHOULD do them, or we've been told to do them, but we don't see enough benefit in the task to power us into action.

SOLUTION: If you really don't see any benefit, why do it? Or could you delegate? And next time, just say no.


We have more to do than we can fit into the time we have, or so much going around in our head we are paralysed into inaction.

SOLUTION: Get everything you need to do out of your head and onto paper. Estimate the time you need per item, then choose the most important tasks to fill your available time.


We all love a list, and get a buzz from ticking off items. But this can cause us to prioritise the easy items, and by doing so use up the time we have to spend on the more important tasks.

SOLUTION: Begin the day with one easy task to get yourself going, but then choose the most important item on your to do list. Commit to focus on it for at least 10 minutes then review.


Download this information as an Infographic here: Procrastination Infographic

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