Too Many Windows: An Ode to Overwhelm

Updated: May 29, 2021

I wrote this poem back in 2019, but never got around to sharing it on here. Its a poem about overwhelm, what it feels like and my favourite way to get out of it.

When life gets busy as it often will,

And you find it impossible to ‘just chill’

Your brain is swirling like a twisting tornado

One giant mess of mixed up Playdoh.

Kids birthday parties this weekend, don’t forget

The presents, the cards and its clarinet

Recital next week, finish early from work

And bring a donation - don’t look like a jerk

Kids space is taken, now onto the house,

The washing, the cooking, did someone say MOUSE!!!!

Get the man in, and sort out the leak

Shit! I haven’t phoned mum this week.

The minutiae of daily life get priority

And then in one moment you think “What about me?”

“Where am I going? Who will I be?”

“Am I good enough, what do they see?”