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How to be a Confident Woman: Just Follow "The Rules"

Updated: May 23, 2022

So, I’ve finally worked out why so many women have lost their confidence or feel like they’re not good enough.

And I’m ready to share it with you.

All women have to do is follow these rules and your confidence and feelings of goodness will come magically back.

So here goes.

The Impossible Rules To Follow To Be a Strong, Confident Woman

Rule 1: Look younger than your age, fit into small clothes and smell nice

Rule 2: Bend and shape yourself to fit into a nice neat box, because anything else is “too much”

Rule 3: Have lots and lots of hair on your head, and eyes - but ABSOLUTELY zero anywhere else

Rule 4: Buy lots of things. Not just any things, the ones we tell you to buy

Rule 5: Pick the nano-second of complete bliss from the last decade of your life and plaster it across all social channels

Rule 6: Keep scrolling…

Rule 7: Work hard at creating your career because others before you have fought for your rights…..Until you become a Mum, and then you should want to stay at home, but don’t actually stay home. Go back to work and when you get home at night work some more, and feel guilty all the time and take a pay cut. And be ever so grateful for being able to work yourself to the bone for less money.

Rule 8: Be a feminist… but not too feminist

Rule 9: Be perfect

Rule 10: Never, EVER let yourself go.


If at any point you feel those pesky un-confident / not good enough vibes coming back, please refer to Rule 6 again.


Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below …..

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