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Why thinking yourself out of a slump just isn't enough

Updated: May 23, 2022

So today I’m reading “In the Flo” by Alisa Vitti and it has got me questioning whether just talking or thinking yourself out of a slump is ever going to work long term.

Don't get me wrong, I love coaching and have seen so many breakthroughs where clients see themselves and their behaviour in a whole new light, after years of getting in their own way, I know there is power in it, but I wonder if it can ever be the full solution to really feeling good inside and out.

In her book, Alisa explains that if we ignore or don’t understand and respect our cyclical nature, and expect same input = same output at all times, we’re likely to hit the same point again and again. So I am coming to believe that looking at our lives in a more holistic manner could be the long term answer.

Yes, some of the patterns we have in our thinking are unhelpful and need to change, and that can be unpicked through coaching, but there is a whole other side to each of us that we need to get in alignment with and focus on in order to fully live a life that is less about ups and downs and more about openness, understanding and adaptation.

If we eat, move and rest just as our body needs based on our natural cycles would this compliment our ability to process our negative thought patterns and behaviours and make us less likely to feel overwhelmed again and again?

I've decided I'd like to see if it can, by applying Alisa's principles to my own life.

Firstly I’ve looked back at my cycles to date in 2020, plotted them on a calendar, and now as I delve deeper into the book, I’ll be looking to adapt the way I eat, move and work during the months ahead to align with the 4 stages.

If you’d like to find out more about your natural cycles, you can buy Alisa’s book “In the Flo”* on Amazon or visit her website

And if you’re looking for additional support to understand and tune into your mental processes through coaching, get in touch or book a free coaching consultation with me.

All the best,

Helen x

* If you purchase Alisa's book through this link, I'll get a commission from Amazon, so I can buy other fab books and let you know if they are worth a read or not. Thank you :)

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