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Are you climbing the right mountain?

Picture of a grassy mountain, to illustrate the coaching metaphor.
Are you climbing the right mountain?

This week in a coaching session one of my clients was facing a dilemma. They were well on their way to the top of a mountain, but they’d come to the conclusion that they weren’t sure if it was the right one.

And if they kept climbing up this mountain, they’d never have the skills to climb another. They had been duly following the path upwards but they realised the summit wasn’t that appealing any more.

The client didn’t want to only have one mountain option for the rest of their life. They wanted to be able to climb a whole range and know they had the skills to zip wire from one to another if they felt they would get to their destination more easily.

I love metaphors in coaching because they open up new doors of understanding, where words alone don’t quite have the same effect.

So what can we take from the mountain analogy?

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are in a dilemma, or if you just want to double-check you’re heading in the right direction:

  1. Are you climbing the right mountain? Is the summit where you want to go in your life, career, relationship?

  2. Are you on the best path? Is there an easier / quicker / more appealing route to get where you’re going?

  3. Do you have the right skills and equipment to reach the top?

  4. If you get to the top of the mountain, what’s next?

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