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Frequently Asked Questions about the Start Up Sherpa Coaching Programme


How do I sign up?

Before you sign up to the programme, we'll have a chat, so I can tell you all about it, answer any questions you have for me and get to know you. To arrange a call, email me at and we can arrange a good time to talk. After the initial call, and you're ready to go ahead I'll send you a contract and an invoice for payment. 

Can I really start a business in 25 minutes a day?

The Start Up Sherpa method uses the Pomodoro technique. It's key aim is to create consistent action and momentum without being too onerous and to get in the habit of short periods of focus. If you are doing this programme whilst working, finding 25 minutes a day is more achievable. And it enables you to continue to focus on the other areas of your life at the same time.

When do I need to sign up by?

You need to be fully "onboard" at least 7 days before kick off. Which means signed up and ready to go. Email Helen to find out the next intake date.

When does it start?

Email Helen to find out the start date for the next few cohorts, to find one that works for you. 

When will I finish?

The full programme takes about 6 months from the start date. And we will arrange a closing party around that date to celebrate our success.


What do I get? What’s included?

Included in the programme are the following:

  • 98 Missions (14 Missions for each of the 7 Expeditions), emailed to you Monday - Thursday.

  • 24 Weekly group coaching calls.

  • 6 Monthly 1:1 Coaching sessions 

  • A community Slack channel to answer any questions & cheer you on

The missions will help you get clear on your idea, perfect your pitch, identify and find your ideal customers, create a working brand, understand business financials and create a selling system that works for you and your business.

Can I get a refund?

The programme is a 6 month commitment, but if you find you no longer want to continue, we will support your exit from the programme and pro-rata a refund. You are also entitled to a 14 day cancellation period where a full refund can be sent minus any payment fees, before the programme has started and within 14 days of the contract being signed

Can I pay by instalments? 

Yes. The programme cost of £1,800 can be divided into 6 payments of £300 paid by bank transfer, credit or debit card. If you are interested in a payment plan, please mention it on our call.

How many people will there be?

The maximum group size is 12, and the minimum is 4, so somewhere in between those two numbers.

What is good about Start Up Sherpa?

Start Up Sherpa helps to take away the guess work of setting up a business. Throughout the entire programme you will take steps and validate what you have learnt to improve and adapt your business so you know by the end of the programme that your business is viable. Aside from the "What", as your coach I'll be your main cheerleader and guide, helping you build the mindset of an entrepreneur and removing any mental blocks getting in your way. In addition to these points, Start Up Sherpa provide a place on the programme to a 12-16 year old with every adult place, with the aim of helping them to become financially self sufficient by their 16th birthday. 

How much time do I need to commit?

The daily missions are sent Monday - Thursday and you need to allow 25 minutes to complete these tasks. We will also have a weekly group coaching session for an hour, and once a month you will have an hour 1:1 coaching session with me. As you move towards the end of the programme, you may beed to allow more time for sales calls with your ideal customers. 

How can I find out more?

To find out more, email Helen at to arrange a zoom call, so I can talk you through everything you need to know.

Are there any other charges for the programme?

No. The fee fully funds the programme. If you wanted to have additional coaching support over and above the monthly 1:1 sessions, that would be at extra cost. But otherwise everything is included.

What happens in the coaching sessions?

The group coaching sessions, are for you to check in with each other, share successes or big feelings coming up. They will also have guest experts from the world of coaching and business to help you overcome any mindset barriers and to learn more about business fundamentals. The 1:1 sessions are for you to have space to think, ask questions and reflect on your journey so far. 

Can I do it alongside my day job?

Yes. One of the key benefits of the Start Up Sherpa method is chunking the journey into bite sized pieces, so you are able to keep your commitments that you have already in place, whilst still making large movements forward on your business.

What makes this different to other Start up programmes?

Start Up Sherpa is a community programme, you work through with other like-minded budding entrepreneurs, its a social enterprise and aims to prove your business idea is valid, and create the lifestyle you want from it without wasting huge amounts of time and money. 

What is the Access Anyone Network?

The Access Anyone Network is our offering to connect sherpees with anyone in the world they need to meet to bring their idea to life.  For example, let's say someone wanted to make an item of clothing if they need to meet a fabric supplier to find out about fabrics, we'll hook them up.  We believe through the network we can reach anyone in the world! We know who you know is as important as your idea. We superboost the network you can offer your clients through our Access Anyone Network™.

If there's anything important that I haven't included above, drop me an email to and I'll be happy to help.

Are you ready to take the first step on your START UP SHERPA JOURNEY?