Online Vision Board Ticket

As I can’t do it in person right now, I’m bringing my Vision Board Workshop online! So join me on Zoom at 7:30 - 9:00pm on Friday 15th May to create yours.


The way the evening pans out is, we’ll try a bit of an ice-breaker, then I’ll lead you through some activities to get clear on what you want in your life. Then I’ll give you time to go and create your vision board, and we’ll share a few at the end (time-permitting), and I’ll also create a private group on Facebook where we can share after the event.


Tickets are £10 each and limited to 15 people. 


Still have questions?


What is a Vision Board?

A Vision (or Dream) board is a collection of pictures and words representing everything (or at least the important stuff) you want to bring into your life. 


What is it good for?

Creating a Vision Board is useful to not only get you to think about what you really want in your life, but also as a constant reminder after you’ve created it of what you’re aiming for.


What is visualisation?

Visualisation or Creative visualisation is a tool from NLP where you focus deeply on something, and feel as if you’ve already got it. And through this feeling you help pave the way to bring whatever it is into your life. It may all sound a bit woo woo, but its not just me that thinks this. Using visualisation to create results is how superstar athletes win a race before even setting foot on the starting line, and Oprah swears by vision boards! 


Techie Requirements:

  • A laptop with Microsoft Powerpoint - to access the template and build your Vision Board
  • A web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome) to access Google images - for pictures to add to your board
  • Access to Zoom - so you can join the session and show off your creation 


Come alone or bring a friend for a fab, fun, future creating evening! 


Love, Helen x

Online Vision Board Ticket


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