Deep Dive Discovery Coaching Package

 Press reset on your career. Get to know yourself on a deeper level. Then take your career to the next level.

The Deep Dive Career Coaching programme pulls together some of the best personal development tools around, to provide a powerful look into your world where you’ll discover where you are now, where you want to be and how to use your natural skills & talents to use this knowledge to change how and what you do at work both today and in the future. 

This career coaching package provides a balance between industry leading coaching tools alongside some deep powerful coaching conversations to help you really understand yourself and what you want in life.


Starting with the Wheel of Life, we use this tool to provide real clarity on where you are starting from across 8 key areas of your life. In sessions 2-4 we use tools to gain self awareness - knowledge about who you are and what makes you unique. Then in our final 2 sessions we "dive" into coaching mode, where we use the information from your previous sessions to focus in on the areas you want to work on.

Who is this for?

• You know there is more to you than you are giving in work right now

You want more challenge but are worried about the effect on your work life balance

• You get overlooked or talked over and want to find ways to be seen & heard

You feel you no longer have a career, but more just a job

• You’re looking at another 30 years of work and wonder “Is this all there is?”


Benefits & Outcomes

• Understand & clarify of what’s important to you, your natural motivations and what you’re good at

• Feel more authentic, purposeful and self confident

• Work out what’s not working for you and how to change it

• Get a better understanding of your impact on others & how to improve difficult relationships at work


  • The Deep Dive Career Package is a 1:1 Career Coaching Programme

  • Six zoom sessions over 2-3 months

  • Each session lasts up to 90 minutes

  • Price = £625 

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Deep Dive Career Coaching Session Overview

Here's how I structure the programme and a brief overview of each session and the coaching tools we cover

Career Coaching: Wheel of Life

Session 1:  The Wheel of Life

Fun, simple to do and gives a helicopter view of your life 
✅ Reveal the areas of your life you want to feel better about 
✅ Making sense of your world
✅ Identifying key actions to feel more in control of your life today

Career Coaching Personality Profile

Session 2:  Personality Profile

Your personality type reveals:
✅ Your natural talents & motivations 
✅ How you make decisions
✅ The way you see the world

✅ How you differ to those around you.

Career Coaching Your Strengths

Session 3:  Your Strengths

Discover your top 5 strengths:
✅ What are you good at that sets you apart?
✅ How can you maximise the way you use them?
✅ Where do you need help?

✅ Become an expert in you

Career Coaching Defining Your Values

Session 4:  Your Values

Understand what's important by defining your Values:
✅ Discover your top 5 Values
✅ Make better decisions
✅ Feel more authentic

✅ Create a personal and professional list of values

Career Coaching Sessions 5 & 6 - Coaching & Planning

Sessions 5&6:  Coaching Sessions

Taking all the information and knowledge created in the first 4 sessions, we focus on the most important next steps for you in two transformational coaching sessions.
✅ Do you want to change jobs or career?
✅ Improve your performance in your current role & company
✅ Create a long term life, business or career plan

✅ Build up your confidence in the areas you need it most, by challenging & replacing limiting beliefs


Hi I'm Helen. I help my clients understand who they really are so they can live their best lives.

Although I’m a career confidence coach now, I previously worked in large organisations including British Gas, Talk Talk & Hertz managing digital products and teams, so I like to think of myself as a well rounded coach having a mix of business, leadership, team management and commercial experience, to compliment my career confidence  coaching.

I believe the more we know about ourselves, the more effective we can be in all areas of our lives. Many companies will focus on fixing weaknesses, but I want to share another way. I want you to focus on what you're good at! When we know what we're good at and put structures in place to use our strengths, things at work start to become a little easier. And we also start to understand those around us.

Self awareness and self-understanding are powerful tools that boost our confidence and performance, and that's why I've created my signature package the Deep Dive Career Coaching Programme can help.

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Career Coaching Client Feedback

Helen's coaching enabled me to reflect on my career, understand my personal wants and needs and asses where I wanted to be in the future. This coaching allowed me to identify the actions to take things forward, boost my confidence and be a better leader. 

Rory O

I have learnt more about myself in a few short sessions than I ever thought possible. With every dead end, Helen gently provides the entrance to a path through, that she has encouraged me to widen and lengthen as I travel down it. Wasn’t sure coaching would be for me but it has been the highlight of my week.

Tiffany B